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La nostra comunità è al centro di tutto ciò che facciamo. I nostri ambasciatori hanno partecipato attivamente al processo di sviluppo di tutti i nostri prodotti e sono la ragione per cui siamo e dove siamo. Il feedback e la passione dei nostri sponsor e sostenitori è un carburante che ci fa andare avanti e ci fa sentire come una seconda famiglia.




Mixing on headphones, struggling trough corona times, finding their place under the sun, hustling, succeeding. Wisdom and journeys shared by the members of OLLO Audio community.



OLLO Chat is a series of interviews that offers insight in the musical journey of our ambassadors and endorsers, advice to thrive in the music business, insights in the world of professional music production and much more.




[U2, Foo Fighters, Nick Cave, Lou Reed, Sting, Keith Richards]

“Io amo le mie cuffie di riferimento S4X: hanno un suono fantastico, sono affidabili, stanno comodamente sulla mia testa ed intorno alle mie orecchie, non affaticano l’ascolto e non premono sui miei occhiali, permettendomi di indossarle per molto tempo”


[Nelly Furtado, Kylie, Black Honey, Gabrielle Aplin, Sub Focus, One Direction, Amy Macdonald]

"The Ollo S4 headphones have changed the way I can work. I'm often in different studios or travelling and the S4's allow me to get songs together with confidence and not have that horrible shock when you go back to studio monitors and your work sounds nothing like it does on headphones. They are even and balanced and most importantly I trust them."


[French Guitarist, Composer, Producer And Mixing Engineer | Mick Jagger, Nicki Minaj,]

"The separation between the instruments, the dynamics and stereo image are perfect to be comfortable mixing with them. I was amazed by the S4. But I am floored by the new S4X reference headphones. Just amazing!"


[David Bowie, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, Depeche Mode, Moby, Paul Simon, Goldfrapp]

"My S4X headphones are the only headphones I use for referencing my mixes. Ollo headphones allow me to work when otherwise I can’t. The bottom end is tight and warm and the width works extremely well. If you want to mix on headphones you want to mix on Ollo Headphones"


[Lana Del Rey, Tiziano Ferro, Emma Marrone, Pfm, ...]

".... I never used headphones to make my mixes, except to check for any noise that was causing me problems, but I never trusted the sound I heard for the mix, now that I bought Ollo Audio headphones on my way of working has changed. Thanks Ollo Audio."


[London Grammar, Bryan Adams, Jeff Lynne]

"I really love my S4’s. I know that when I am in a new room and I have any doubts I can put them on and trust what I am listening to! They are super comfortable to wear for long periods and cause hardly any fatigue. They were a great find and I highly recommend them."


[Top 100 Dj By Dj Mag And Multiple Idma Award Winner]

"I loved how OLLO headphones immediately show any unbalance in a mix. They translate any mix very well"


[Stevie Wonder, Usher, Tyrese, Jeezy, Ann Nesby, Carl Thomas, Chuck Harmony, ...]

"The OLLO products are very accurate and are a must have compliment to your life as a music professional."


[Music Producer, Guitarist | Miel San Marcos]

"I'm completely blown away with the quality of my OLLO headphones. I've used so many different types of headphones and these by far are the best."


[Jeff Beck, Simply Red, Natalie Imbruglia, Atomic Kitten, Gianna Nannini]

"The technology to mix anytime anywhere is now availabe. All you need is a good DAW and true flat response headphones to do a great mix. OLLO's HPS S4 deliver every time. They really are an excellent product!"


[Usher, Miley Cyrus, Gwen Stefani, Backstreet Boys, Kelly Clarkson]

"“Queste cuffie danno l’idea di ascoltare attraverso i monitors. Per un fonico ed un mixing engineer, avere la sensazione di stare seduto davanti ai suoi monitor preferiti, non ha prezzo.”"


[Amy Winehouse, Joss Stone, Jessie J, James Arthur, Sean Paul, Estelle, 3x Grammy Winning]

"“Queste sono le mie cuffie preferite. Hanno un suono ottimo e si indossano comodamente. Riesco ad usarle per molte ore senza subire affaticamento dall’ascolto o alcuna scomodità. Le puoi avere “chiuse” per registrare, o “aperte” per mixing.”"


[Lady Gaga, Adele, Florence And The Machine, Christina Aguilera, Paolo Nutini, Lily Allen]

"These headphones are such a pleasure to work on - natural, comfortable and true."


[Co-founder Of The Band Subsonica, Musician, Composer, Author, Producer. Label Manager For Cramps Records.]

"Ollo headphones are an amazing and accurate tool for my days. Precise, beautiful, relaxing on ears."


[Radiohead, Muse, The Beatles Anthology Project With Sir George Martin... 40+ Top Uk Charts]

"With their elegant design and clear, neutral sound, HPS S4 Studio headphones are a welcome addition to my monitoring options."


[John Grant, The Divine Comedy, Villagers, Lisa Hannigan]

"It's rare you get a single piece of equipment that changes the way you work but the Play2Me has changed how I approach my mixing. The accuracy of the low end with the system was surprising to me, even compared to well designed control rooms. It gives so much insight into the interaction of the bass channels and the kick and it was a pivotal tool in helping me mix the upcoming Divine Comedy record. As well as being a tool, it makes listening to music for leisure a lot more fun, more visceral. The headphones are detailed and precise and give a good sense of the air in recordings. I do a lot of touring and the Play2Me system has now become an integral part of working on tracks when I'm away from the studio. I love the design and the build and they're very comfortable to wear."


[Mixer, Engineer, Record Producer | U2, The Rolling Stones, Jack Savoretti, George The Poet]

"S4’s are insanely detailed and so comfortable to wear that they already helped me to get the job done on a pretty vast variety of genres and music styles. I can trust them as my main monitors, and wear them for hours without fatiguing my ears, thanks to their super-accurate frequency response, at very quiet levels. Having such a powerful tool helps me - everywhere I work - to feel really good from the very beginning of a mix, forgetting about all the annoying room reflections and background noises that we can all experience with speakers. S4’s keep me focus on what matters the most, the music I am working on every day."


[U2, Beck, Rush, Kiss, Nikka Costa, Roxette, The Cure, John Cale, Spike Jonze, Ucla And Berklee.]

"“Le HPS S4 rispettano tutta la profondità, ampiezza, l’aria, spazialità e le basse precise per le quali io lavoro duramente per creare un mix. Le ho confrontate con altri competitors di fascia alta e hanno vinto le OLLO! Cuffie di riferimento eccellenti per mixing e mastering. Passare dalle cuffie ai miei monitors preferiti non è traumatico. Sono molto leggere e comode per l’uso durante periodi lunghi…e sono anche molto belle da vedere! Ottimo lavoro!”"


[Little Mix, Kelly Clarkson, X-factor]

"OLLO's S4X headphones have revolutionised the way I approach my mixes. As someone who spends 90% of their time mixing on headphones, these offer an incredibly accurate, flat response and they are the coolest looking headphones I've ever had! Not to mention that they are still a comfortable fit after a long session in the studio. I'd be lost without them!"


[Producer, Mixing And Mastering Engineer, Milk & Sugar Dj Team]

"Though my control room has an acoustic treatment from one of the best acoustic designers around, the OLLO headphones have helped me to push my mixes onto a new level."


[Liquido, Pyogenesis, Deine Jugend, Laura Carbone, My Early Mustang, Godskill, Die Atzen, Etc.]

"Love the neutral S4X REFERENCE HEADPHONES. Exactly the brutally honest sound that I need when mixing on headphones."


[3 Grammy Awards. Lauryn Hill, Down, Michael Jackson, The Fugees, Santana , Anders Osborne]

Warren Riker in an engineer and mixer at Booga Basement Studio and Chung King Studios. Three-time Grammy winner has been honing his skills in the studio since he was 15 years old, and has a producer, engineer or mixer credit on over 40 million records sold.

JEFF TAYLOR aka MadjefMusic

[Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Mariah Carey, Madjefmusic, Jam&lewis, Kika, Rhian Benson, Sounds Of Blackness, Kush Etc.]

“Le migliori cuffie in quanto a chiarezza e precisione”


[American Multi-platinum Music Producer, Songwriter, Remixer]

Rhano Burrell is an American multi-platinum music producer, songwriter, and remixer. In the late '80s, Rhano along with his identical twin brother Rheji Burrell were signed as BURRELL to the newly formed VIRGIN RECORDS in America.


[Lang Lang, 2Cellos, Anna Kendrick, Pitch Perfect, John Wick, Despicable Me 2, Alvin and the Chipmunks..]

“Le Ollo S4X hanno completamente rivoluzionato il modo con il quale io ascolto l’arrangiamento sonoro di una canzone. E’ come avere un microscopio sonoro. Il livello e la profondità dei dettagli sono stupefacenti.”

Kevin {KWIZ} Ryan

[Mary J. Blige, Busta Rhymes, Beyoncé - 2013/15 Superbowl, Missy Elliott and many more]

“Dopo aver ascoltato e mixato, con le S4X per 2 giorni, mi sono finalmente reso conto che potrei andare avanti usando solo queste cuffie! Usare le S4X mi da la possibilità di evitare di controllare il mix dall’auto. Queste cuffie sono lineari e reali, oltre ad essere comode anche dopo tante ore di lavoro. Le raccomando fortemente!”